Can a rink be a good rink without fries?

Love this story about a revolt in Quebec to bring back hotdogs and poutine.  Many of the lasting memories of rinks we have visited over the years are based on the quality of their fries, hotdogs or popcorn.  If you’ve gotta kill an hour before a game, what better way to do it than with a large fries smothered in ketchup and vinegar.  Some of the newer “sports complexes” have full on bars and restaurants overlooking the ice pads which are admittedly awesome, but give me an old-fashioned arena with a one of those mysterious brown hot chocolate makers, a perpetual hot dog roller/heater and a deep fryer with oil that’s probably as old as the person tending the concession stand any day.  This to me is as much a part of the Canadian hockey experience as the game itself.  Take away my right to choose junk food and I’ll likely revolt too.