Mid-Summer and Dad’s Got the Familiar Minor Hockey Itch

summer water hockey game
Been a while since I’ve jotted anything down here cuz there’s been no meaningful hockey played round these parts for a while. Summer’s a time to cool the jets, take a break, do something different. And this Summer, by comparison to many over the past 14 is definitely different. The kids are both year older teens with plenty of other priorities and interests in mind. The Boy, when he isn’t working, is preparing to head off to University, which is a whole nuther conversation. I play men’s league with a few guys who have younger kids and chuckle a bit when I hear them talking about summer tournaments, camps  and gearing up for the season ahead. I recall when hockey was nearly a 12-month activity for us; though we’ve always believed in taking a break to play other sports or nothing at all. And that’s not to say there’s been no hockey for us this summer or interest to get back at it. The time away, even if it is a couple of months, does get one chomping at the bit for ice, pucks and the not-so-sweet smell of a dressing room.

The Boy’s been on the ice once a week for the last coupla months with a Jr. C team just trying to stay in shape along with going to the gym a few times. I’ve gone out to watch a few of those sessions, but it’s really just practice and some scrimmaging; just enough to be watchable a somewhat sate the hockey hunger.  He has applied to have a tryout skate with the Mens’ Varsity team the week his new post-secondary school adventure starts. He knows he’ll be hard pressed to make the team as Canadian universities are rife with ex- major junior hockey players who weren’t quite good enough to get drafted, but have most of their education paid for by their junior team – kudos to the CHL for making that happen for these young men. He also knows school in priority one since it ain’t free and he has career aspirations in mind. But he’s gonna give it a shot because he loves the game and ya never know what a coach may be looking for when filling out a roster. He’s always been a smart player and a grinder, which has endeared him to more than a few coaches over the years, making up for what he’s lacked in speed. Failing earning a spot on the varsity squad, there is always intra-mural hockey, which I am told is likewise played at a pretty high level and why wouldn’t it be with a buncha Canadian kids just like the Boy unable to snuff out a torch for the game they love. Regardless, we won’t be seeing him play much hockey this fall and that will definitely be something we’ll need to get used to.

The Devil would probably play some summer hockey, given the opportunity, but her dad/coach won’t allow it and frankly can’t afford it. Just because we’re between seasons, doesn’t mean we’re not already paying for the next one. Funds are needed to enter a couple of tournaments, pay for practice jerseys and a few other team-related expenses so monthly post-dated cheques have already been written. There has been some hockey-related activity as the coach of the Devil’s team (yeah that’s me) has scheduled one hour of dryland training one day a week, more to try to get the team together socially than to keep them in shape. Many are playing other sports like rugby or baseball. But  I’ve assembled a group with a few players who’ve never met or played together before, so the sooner I can get them familiar with each other the better. I also want them to get used to me and set some expectations for the coming year. That’s not to say the “training” is secondary, as I have been putting those who show up through their paces for the hour we are together; at least trying to get them slowly into a “hockey” frame of mind and giving them some ideas for stuff they could be working on at home should they be so inclined. Being summer, the attendance for this non-mandatory team building activity has been spotty at best, but nearly 3/4 of the team showed up last week and I’m hopeful of bigger numbers as the hockey season nears.  I’s also pondering an on-ice session or two (though the league doesn’t officially condone such activities). Perhaps we’ll organize a birthday party for the Devil who turns 16 mid-August and surely someone else must have a special occasion we need to celebrate at a rink. We have an early-bird  tournament booked the first weekend in September and it sure would be nice to at least have the girls skate together a couple of times beforehand.

Yup, a few days before August and that old familiar itch is starting to grow. Before you know it, I’ll be back to complaining about being in the arena 5 out of 7 days a week, missing NFL football on Sunday and driving over hell’s half acre to stand in frozen rinks for a couple of hours with other hockey moms and dads. And, of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way once the puck is dropped and I get to watch my youngest gliding up and down the ice or launching a shot past a rival keeper. Mama and I’ve only got a couple of familiar hockey years left so we better make the most of them. I wonder how many hockey parents drive two hours to huddle in the stands at University intra-mural games? Just askin for a friend…


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4 thoughts on “Mid-Summer and Dad’s Got the Familiar Minor Hockey Itch

  1. We are in a similar situation at our house. I’ve had about as much softball as any hockey mom can stand. I actually went to my son’s university team camp last week just to watch some puck action. And two hours is a reasonable amount of time to drive, as long as you know your kid is going to get some ice time. I did it twice last season. Okay, maybe three times.

  2. Happened to chance upon this post while browsing online about similar experiences of others. My son has just started with his hockey and after all the practice at the local rink, we took him to a hockey camp during the summer. A little more rigorous than what he was used to, but he had a good time through the camp and took it slow for the rest of the summer. Haven’t had to yet travel like you guys did, but maybe in time as my kid grows up, I too will be doing it.

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