Hard early work, but they’re young and passionate

Almost feel bad for the Boy when he goes to the gym, a local joint called Mind to Muscle, where he does an hour and a bit of hockey specific core work. Home for lunch of greek salad and a giant bowl of pasta before a couple of grilled turkey sandwiches a coupla hours later.  Then on the ice for an hour hockey practice (pre-season practices are generally skating-heavy and today’s held to that rule). And finally does half an hour or so of dryland training right after ice practice.  Home for more fuel (cereal, chocolate milk, coupla slices of pizza, or something like that) to replace all that was burned during the day. Then again I think when I was his age I could go forever and a day…couldn’t I?  We didn’t get tired…did we?  Presumably we loved it so much, and now he loves it so much, we didn’t and he doesn’t mind all the work. Just glad he’s now the one doing it and for me it’s but a memory.  I can simply say…When I was a Boy (like I’m an armadillo now!)


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