Hockey Mom’s the Word

Hockey MomTo overstate the obvious, we wouldn’t be Hockey Dads

Or even Dads for that matter

Without Hockey Moms

Them is just the biological facts folks.

So we have this Day

Though a single 24-hour period in May hardly seems fitting

For all they do

To put moms on pedestals

And here I contend, Hockey Moms in particular

With which I’m most familiar and appreciative.

Childbirth withstanding

Like that’s not enough all on its own (from what I hear).

Canadian Hockey FamilyHockey FamilyOften up at the break of dawn

In the dead of February at 15 below

To get a Boy or Devil to practice.

Putting up with high strung Hockey Dads (guilty as charged)

Chattering at all hours of the night about…

The next game, tourney or season.

Buying a stick, or gloves or a helmet

Instead of a purse, or shoes or earrings.

Spending birthdays, anniversaries and even Mother’s Days

In those same cold, dark arenas.

Boy and the DevilVacationing at the Best Western

In Windsor or Sudbury

Cuz New York and Paris are overrated.

Learning when it’s appropriate to scream “Back Door”

From the stands or at the TV.

Painstakingly removing name panels from jerseys

At season’s end for 12+ seasons.

Selfless…to a fault.

Thumbs Up Hockey MomNary a complaint.

That’s what these Mommas do.

So raise a Cup (pun fully intended)

Of Timmies or Canadian

To Your Hockey Mom and Mine and His and Hers.

And not just, but especially, Today.

Happy Hockey Mom’s Day y’all.

We, that is I, certainly couldn’t do it without ya.


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