The Good Old Hockey Game in the Sky

A true part of our Canadian fabric shuffled off this mortal coil earlier today, but his words and music will no doubt live on in hockey rinks around the world for years to come. Stompin’ Tom Connors’ iconic “The Hockey Song” has been played before, during and after minor, recreational and professional games for as long as any of us can remember.


My own little memory goes back to when the Boy and the Devil were a few years younger. At the start of each season I religiously created a pre-game pump up CD and every one of those new-age hockey mixed tapes started with The Hockey Song.  To this day, when either play teams with pre or in-game music, the classic tune invariably and eventually rings through the rafters.

Before he died, the fine Canadian musical gentleman penned a final letter to his fans, speaking volumes to his love of Canada, its people and culture.  Thanks Stompin’ Tom for providing the soundtrack to so many past and future hockey memories, which sit close to the heart of our northern nation!


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