Save an Old Barn from Extinction

A campaign is under way to save the Belleville Memorial Arena which is a classic old rink and one of my favourites from days gone by. I wish the same type of group had been organized to save our own local rink, which has since been replaced by a shiny new fire station.

Check out the The Belleville Memorial Arena Preservation Society and I urge those with a nostalgic nature…and who doesn’t have that when it comes to our grand game…to check out and support the campaign to preserve a bit o’ hockey history.


2 thoughts on “Save an Old Barn from Extinction

  1. Thanks for the plug .. we are receiving favourable responsones and, media that have spoken to us feel we can find the necessary 200,000 Canadians to support our efforts.

    Please continue to monitor and comment. I would ask that you post where donations can be sent. See below.

    William B. Kerr Law Offices
    233 Robinson St
    Oakville, ON L6J 1G5
    Telephone: (905) 842-8600

    In the event that B.M.A.P.S. are not successful with their proposal, please:

    (1) Direct my donation, to be divided equally to the three locally named
    charities; Gleaners, Three Oaks Foundation, Children’s School Breakfast Program.


    (2) Provide me with a full refund to be returned to the following address:

    • A very good cause Betty. My son has had the pleasure of playing in Belleville Memorial a couple of times and the boys really enjoyed it. The place just oozes nostalgia and the kids can sense it. I hope you are successful in your campaign to save her.

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