And I’m Obviously a Jets Fan

Link: And I’m Obviously a Jets Fan

Tonight Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail has reported that a deal is done which will see NHL hockey triumphantly return to my home and native land – Winnipeg – next season.  The official announcement will reportedly be made on Tuesday.

After losing the team back in 1996 and several years of rumours about them coming back in one way, shape or form; it feels tonight like a wrong is being righted – that the Hockey Gods have come to their senses. A great little city located somewhere between here and the middle of nowhere that takes a lot of admittedly well-deserved flack over its weather and its lack of other distinguishing features has something to be very happy and proud about tonight.  Canada, as a nation, should likewise be pleased to have one of its own teams playing its own game back in the fold. NHL hockey belongs in places like Winnipeg…full stop. Not Florida, Atlanta or Phoenix.  Here’s hoping Quebec City and Hamilton, where it will likewise be welcomed and undoubtedly appreciated, aren’t too far behind.

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