On to Round Two and Beyond

The Devil’s team made it interesting, but prevailed over their closest and fiercest rivals for a round one victory in the league playoffs.  With their fallen Captain leading the pre-game and in between-period cheers of “Sharks on 3. 1,2,3 Sharks!”, the same Sharks held off the vaunted IceCats with by winning games one and three 1-0 and tying the game in between 0-0.  Not what you’d call an offensive battle by any means.  In fact, the goaltenders were the stars of this series as both teams had their fair share of chances, but were not able to get many by either keeper.  Our goalie had a shutout for the series – quite the feat.  A hot tender can take a team a long way.  I think the rest of the team would admit they did not play their best. The Devil for her part pitched in with a nice pass that led to the single goal the team was able to muster in game three today.  They’ll need to ratchet up their game a notch for the next round opponent; who has yet to be determined. The team will no doubt benefit from having their head coach back; who returned from business in time for today’s final round one game.

Oddly there is one more series to go against the IceCats as they also happen to be the team the girls need to get past in their provincial playdowns.  After a couple of exhibition games, four regular season games, three or four tournament games and three playoff games; they’re familiar.  This occurs some years as there are only so many female teams in certain divisions.

While there’s been plenty of hockey played and we’re late in the season; now’s the time to buckle down.  Now the fun really begins.


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