Tougher Tests on the Playoff Horizon

The Boys finished their latest playoff series on the weekend in three less-than-noteworthy games by a combined score of 21-2 with lopsided 10-0, 6-1 and 5-1 victories. This first to six points series was a rematch with the winless league basement dwellers; a team that would finish their full season 0-36-0.  I believe they, like us, were happy to get the three games over with an behind them. Though it would seem a little odd if we were the ones to be done playing altogether in the first week of February.

Now our boys will wait to see who they will play in the next round. There is actually a good chance they will end up with a full week or two off. An uneven number of teams may prompt a second round bye; which no one really wants. In effect, our Boys will not have played a meaningful game in over three weeks by the time they go to play what will certainly be a much tougher opponent – rust is bound to set in.  The team will have a few practices in between, but that’s not the same as playing against stiffer competition.  Add to that the general feeling of malaise that sets in as we near the end of the season – for the boys and parents alike.  But there is still a regional championship to battle for; so we’ll see if our side is up for the challenge in the next few weeks.

The Devil’s playoffs kick in next week after a warm-up tourney this weekend. She and her teammates will hit the post-season ground running against their closest and fiercest rival, which should make for a few hard fought contests.  Hopefully without any actual fights. With the head coach called out of the country on business (because sometimes careers understandably trump hockey), I’ll likely have a front row seat as I fill in a spot behind the bench next to the team trainer a.k.a. my better half.  What better place to cheer on the good guys.  I’m fortunate for the opportunity.


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