Dis-qualified! The Boys’ run to the big Silver Stick tournament came up a little short today,


The Boys’ run to the big Silver Stick tournament came up a little short today, but in all they had a very good qualification tourney. 

The day started well with a relatively easy 5-0 victory in the semi-final match.  They came out of the chute strong and scored only a few minutes into the game. Another quick goal followed.  The boys managed to stay out of the penalty box, which they had trouble with in a couple of the previous games. Up five goals in the third period, the game clock was set to run without interruption.  The only near hiccup came at the end of the game when the other team’s frustration led to a scuffle and punches thrown in front of the net.  Luckily no major penalties were assessed.  The Boys would advance to the final virtually unscathed.

The final game followed a team lunch at a local restaurant.  The Boys knew the team they were facing would be strong.  Both teams had their fair share of scoring chances early. The opposing goalie was solid, making a few good saves in the first period.  In fact, the keeper would be the real difference in the game and would be deemed his team’s MVP.  The bad guys would score two goals in the second, one on the power play, and that was all they would need. It was a hard fought contest simply won by the better team today. If I had to hazard a guess I would say a five game series between these two teams would require all five to decide a victor.

The post-game picture of the second place team pretty much tells the disappointing story; not too many pearly whites are visible. A trip to the grand show would have been nice. The team will have to be satisfied with knowing they gave a good effort. And maybe they can take the memory of the unpleasant loss into their upcoming playoff challenges, which will be just as stiff.


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