Close but…..

In the semi-final this morning the Sharks battled hard and did everything they needed to do to win; except score.  At least three and maybe five or six pucks were uncanny in their ability to avoid the net.  Point blank shots, a couple of breakaways and in close rebounds were all turned back or away by the goal keeper and her cohorts. The Sharks’ string of close games against their fiercest rival continued with a 0-1 decision that left them close, but barely out of the afternoon final.

All in all the weekend has to be considered a success with four very competitive games against stiff competition. We sure all hoped they would pull of the win this morning and make it to the final, but the lucky Chuck Taylor’s and well-worn Jets hat weren’t quite enough to get them over the hump (like either had any say or bearing in the matter).  The tournament did show the girls they can skate with anyone.  Now they just need to use this showing to catapult them forward through the rush of regular season games to come.  Will wait a bit till I pull the shoes out again.


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