And we’re off…

The Devil’s team had their first exhibition game of the new season this evening.  It looked like most new team’s first games with plenty of caution and trepidation.  In my biased hockey dad opinion, the Devil could have skated harder and played her position, albeit a new and somewhat foreign position, a little better.  In many instances, you could tell line mates and team mates weren’t quite in sync.  Passes were a little off and support, when needed, was a little delayed. All of these players are talented and have strengths on their own, but it is quite another thing to couple those individual skills with the trust and confidence it takes to play as a team.

And so, with this first game as an early bench mark, it will be interesting to watch and gauge the progression of these individual players and this team as a whole. Herein lies the challenge for the coach and his staff, who are tasked with melding these players’ skills and psyches into an effective unit – to make the sum greater than the parts.

Of least importance tonight was the final score; 2-1 for the wrong team from someone with another admittedly biased opinion. While wins and losses have some bearing on team success these are certainly not the only criteria when we’re talking about the development of young athletes and burgeoning adults.


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