My humble comment on Hockey Dad’s chronicles

It’s my first time read of Hockey Dad’s blog.  I had no idea what kind of content I would discover here, but I was curious to find out what Hockey Dad had to say about hockey in the blogsphere (I’m a Hockey Fan) Just to let you know, I was tweeting about NHL canadian hockey with Jeff and our short conversation led to an invitation to read a few posts here.

I read a lot of sales and marketing blogs, rarely hockey blogs. But all sports blogs I’ve read so far talk about the usual stuff we like to discuss about Profesional sports, stuff we also listen on Sports channels (TSN, RDS, SportsNet, ESPN, …) talk shows.

< I’m A Hockey Dad > lies in a different category. I call it Hockey Dad’s Chronicles, and the posts here are truly chronicles about a man’s personal life experience with a game he loves, hockey, and it’s related feelings and thoughts while following and supporting his kid playing hockey.

Don’t get me wrong, what Hockey Dad writes IS about Hockey and sports, but his wirting is not a Sports Analyst type. He writes like a book writer. 

You don’t need to be a hockey fan to enjoy reading Hockey Dad. If you like reading books, cultural stuff, autobiography, essays, just to name a few writing categories, < I’m a Hockey Dad > blog is worth a first read.  

Definitely unique.  Natural born storryteller.

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