Da boy’s schedule is in #imahockeydad

We received an email pointing to the Boy’s online schedule for the upcoming season, bringing with it those oh so memorable feelings of awe and slight bewilderment.  Here’s the breakdown of days in the coming months when he, no we, will be in a rink somewhere for practices, exhibition, regular season or tournament games — a few of which will be in far off places like Fort Erie, Ontario and Oswego, New York:

September – 13 days
October – 17 days
November – 17 days
December – 16 days

There are a few more days already on the sked for January, then playoffs will take us well into March and maybe even April. Tryouts for the 2011-2012 will follow in May.  In the next couple of weeks we’ll get the Devil’s schedule to fill in the blanks and double up on many of the days.  Add to this school classes, homework, school trips, work, social events, occasional sleeping, eating and other necessities and there isn’t a whole lot left.  Hockey tournaments even usurp a few school and work days as they often start on Fridays and occasionally Thursdays depending on the location. The kids certainly don’t mind, but it can get a little dicey when juggling work commitments.  I am always surprised to see the inordinate number of mothers and fathers who are able to attend all of the practices and games. Aren’t we all supposed to be at work…paying for all this hockey?  

It really is a whole lotta time, particularly when you see it all plotted on a calendar.  Hockey mom lovingly does the plotting with diligence and affixes the finished product to our fridge. I throw it all into a Blackberry, try to avoid the conflicts and keep up if I can. So if you don’t find me at home, try my cell, check a local rink or consult the fridge calendar; it’s all on there.


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