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Staples: Homework for Edmonton hockey parents unwelcome but worthwhile

August 8, 2012
by JRiddall

Link: Staples: Homework for Edmonton hockey parents unwelcome but worthwhile

This is a difficult case of many getting punished for the actions of a few as “most” hockey parents I’ve encountered over the years are generally sensible and well-behaved people who don’t need to be taught how to behave in or out of a hockey rink. However, I have of course, also encountered the more stereotypical hockey parents who go overboard with verbal and even physical abuse of coaches, refs or their own kids. And yes, I will admit that even I have been known to take my frustrations out (albeit only verbally) on a ref or two; only to feel a twinge of guilt soon thereafter (depending on the degree of the official’s perceived ineptitude). But mandating a one-hour, $12 course for every hockey parent is undoubtedly not being well received in the face of ever-rising hockey expenses. It certainly doesn’t seem like a one-hour course is going to solve any problems or cut down on the number of senseless parents who will no doubt be the loudest critics of such programs.  The darker sides of human nature will likely always get in the way when it comes to certain parents and competitive sports.

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